Coldness Follows

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I’m Not Doing Good Ma
I’m Not Doing So Well Pa
10,000 Miles Today I Rode
Looking For A Place
That Still Has Not Showed

I’m In Trouble Again, Sis
I’m In A Rut Again, Sis
I’m In A Weakling, Bro
My Ride Broke Down And I’m A-Walking
The Streets Are Empty And The Fog Is Frozen

I Think I’ve Messed Things Up Ma
I Think I’ve Done Real Wrong Pa
My Stomach’s Been Empty For Three Sleepless Nights
My Sleeping Bag’s Soaked Through
With Rain Of The Weeping Sky

People Pass By And,
Pretend Not To Notice Me, Sis,
People Pass By And,
They Just Keep On Walking
”Will Someone Please Oh God Notice Me!
Or Just Give Me A Dry Blanket At Least”

Say, Would You Let Me Come Home, Ma?
Oh Please, Can I Come Home, Pa?
Hello, Why Aren’t You Answering?
Family! Why Aren’t You Answering?
I’m Getting Cold Guys
I Feel Like Closing My Eyes
I’m Feeling Numb And Hollow
And There’s This Really Bright Light, That I Wanna’ Follow.
& I Cry.... & I Cry.... & I Cry...
— "Coldness Follows" ©1997 Words and Music by Nathaniel Street-West