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Debra Was A Math Wiz
Her Beauty Below None
She Was No Teacher’s Pet Though
Her Appreciation Was From
Faculty And Friends-

She Was Not Loved
By None

Too Many People Saying Too Many Things
God Her Square World Thinking She Was A Beauty Queen
She Would Always Steal The Scene
But She Was Not Loved By None

The Circle Gathered Round’, It’s Heavy Head Twisted In Shame
It Knew What It Wanted,
It Had Something To Gain...
Admiration Adulation Was The Game
What Was She Doing And How?

Her Face Was Feathered Like A Dove
It Made Your Own Face Turn With Blood
You Wanted To Be Seen Holding Her Hand
You Wanted To Make Love
It Was Just Who She Was
For She Was Not Loved By None

By None

You Didn’t Want To Know Who You Were
For You Knew Who They Were
The Balance Was Tipped
Your Factory Ego Was Shipped
You To Were A Math Wiz
You Were Not Tolerated By None

She Was To Graduate Early
And Leave All These People Behind
One Summers Romp Though
Would Get Her Ready For Her Rise
Her Interview Went According To Plan
For She Would Not Be Loved By None

By None

She Was In A Car Speeding 100 Miles West
Of All That Was Taken For Granted
It Was Never Taken Second Best
She Hit A Brick Wall
She Was Not Loved By None

The Dock Said She Would Not Regain
The Features She Had Before
The Scars Would Always Show, People Would Always Know

She Was In Pain
But At Least She Would Not, Not Be Loved By None
She Decided To Go Back To School
Where Love For Her Was Just The Rule
She Could Travel A Slower Course
After All Her Inner Self Was The Source
She Would Still Steal The Scene
For She Could Not, Not Be Loved By None

The Circle Did Disperse,
Heads Turned The Other Way
They Were Still Twisted In Shame
But This Was A Different Kind Of Shame
Things Were Not The Same
She Would Have To Be Loved By Some
— "Debra" ©2005 Words and Music by Nathaniel Street-West