Flowers of Summer

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She Never Felt That She Wanted It
It Was Just Something She Must Do
Yes Her Friends Pushed Her Into It
It Was Something They Had Already Been Through
The Trust Is Not Gained
When The Pleasure Turns To Pain

There Were Lots Of People Mingling In And Out Of The Palm Trees
The Night Was A Blanket Of Flesh Industry
He Wore A Hat That Said UC
Your Eye’s They Flamed With A Greedy Fear
Trust Was Not Gained When Pleasure Became The Name For Pain

In The Summer Time
The Flower Peddles Fell

She Wore Her Brothers Brown Slacks
His Friends Told Him She Was Uncommonly Friendly With Michelle
Yes His Friends Pushed Him Into Like A Fool
But He Always Took Exception To The Rule

He Knew Trust Would Not Be Gained
When The Pleasure Outweighed The Pain
— "Flowers of Summer" ©2005 Words and Music by Nathaniel Street-West