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Give Me A Witness
To Tell Everyone I’m Sane!
Give me a Witness
To tell everyone I’m sane!
Do it before these people
Come and take me away  

Bring me a Witness
To show I know what’s going on
Bring me a Witness
To prove I know what’s going on!
I don’t know the future
I can’t tell the past
But I can tell ya’ what’s a’going on
in front of your face even fore’ you ask!  

Bring me s showgirl
To show me a good-time!
Bring me a showgirl
To show me a good time!
To prove I am a man
At-least 99 percent of the time!  

Bring Me A Witness
Bring Me A Witness
— "Give Me A Witness" - ©2005 Words & Music By Nathaniel Street-West