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There’s So Much To This World That You Don’t Know
Couldn’t Understand It If You Had A Lifetime To Know It All
There’s So Much Experience Within Our Eyes
But Everyone Likes To Pull The Wool Over
And Keep Discomfort And Yet The Light Outside

Most Of My Life I Treated It As Trivial
But In Death Nothing Was Trivial
All Of My Life I’ve Kept Very Simple
Trying To Keep The Fear Out Of My Way

You Might Think Of It As Radical
The Non-Existence Of That Which Is Tactile
I’m Not The Creator Of This Message I’m Writing For You
I’ve Been Around For Ten Thousand Years
Now It’s My Job To Sing It For You.

I Am Not A Passenger
And I Sure As Hell Ain’t No True Believer
I Am Not The Creator
The Only Thing I Am Is A Messenger
Playing My Message For You

The Whole World Spins Under Your Firm Grace.

In The Ending There’s Always A Beginning
The Game May Be Over But It’s Always Starting Anew
You May Blame The Woman
For Opening Pandora’s-Box
Look In The Mirror My Friend
You Gave Her The Key
With Which To Unlocked That Lock
I Should Be So Grateful
For Everything I Have
But I Get Lost Sometimes
And Forget Everything That I Ever Had
— "Messenger" ©1996 Words and Music by Nathaniel Street-West